About Ohio Tash

OHIO TASH is a statewide association of members working to develop communities that value and welcome all their members.

Our Mission Includes:

Strengthening Voices: our own and those people whose voices have never been heard or have not been heard for a long time.

Convening Conversations: among colleagues and fellow-citizens so that we can learn from, help, and sustain each other through the hard and focused work of community building and change.

Reviewing and renewing what we “know so far” about helping people who desire or need it — whether for one person (individual change), or for many (systemic change); and

Being curators and sharers of the stories of our fellow community members; of our history and collective experience as a culture.

OHIO TASH is a chapter of International TASH, a membership association leading the way to inclusive communities through research, education, and advocacy.

TASH members are people with disabilities, family members, fellow citizens, advocates, and professionals working together to create change and build capacity so that all people, no matter their perceived level of disability, are included in all aspects of society.


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